Banana Walnut Bread Mix

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A scrumptious banana walnut bread mix.

To prepare, just add water and bake in the oven. Makes three to four dozen serving sized treats.

All natural, no chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners or junk food fillers. Always human grade ingredients. Organic ingredients when possible.

Ingredients: chickpea flour, *buckwheat flour, *rolled oats, *spelt flour, *coconut flour, *banana flour, hulled millet, *flax seed, ground almond, chopped walnut, unsweetened banana chips, *chia seed, sesame seed, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger. *organic

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6.6 × 8.5 × 1. in

2 reviews for Banana Walnut Bread Mix

  1. Dana (verified owner)

    Love this bread mix! I used a mashed up banana & mixed it all together with maybe a 1/4 cup of water if that much, spread it across my baking dish and it baked up so lovely. The smells is so enticing & my Eclectus loves it. Adding this to my monthly order. Thank you Parrot’s Pantry for another top product.

    • Elle

      Thanks so much for wonderful review, Dana. I’m so happy it’s such a hit. 😊

  2. Nancy Kee (verified owner)

    This is absolutely my birds favorite flavor. I use bananas to bind it together. Fabulous treat. Thanks Elle!!

    • Elle

      Thank you for the update! I’m thrilled to hear that they love it. Makes it all worthwhile. Thank you, Nancy.

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